Mrs. Rowe’s Double Wedding Ring

After I had let my family know that I was interested in quilting as a serious hobby my sister Terri called to tell me about an estate sale that had some unfinished quilt pieces available.
I drove to Springdale to find that the sale was taking place at the home of my favorite librarian, Mrs. Rowe. She was the head librarian at he Springdale Public Library when I was a little girl .I remember going into the library, which was a converted house and smelling the books. Mrs. Rowe gave me my first library card and showed me how to use the library. I checked out my first chapter book from her, which was The Wizard of Oz. As I grew older and needed the library to write book reports and papers, Mrs. Rowe was always very kind and patient with me and with my questions. I feel she was very important to my love of reading.
Well as I was walking around her house the last day of the sale there was really not much left. Upstairs in a bedroom closet I found the quilt pieces in a box and as I rooted through them I came across this wedding ring top at the bottom. I took the whole box to the lady checking people out and she asked if I had seen the quilt frame in the basement, and seeing as it was the last day of the sale she could give it to me for half price. The story on the quilt frame was that Mrs. Rowe’s Grandfather made it but no one knows for sure when. My Aunt Shirley has since told me that Mrs. Rowe would take this frame to the Presbyterian Church when the ladies had their quilting bees. I took the quilt pieces and the top for $15 and the frame for $45 not even knowing if all the pieces were there.
I finished the wedding ring quilt and like to think that my favorite librarian would be pleased with the way it turned out.