Mom & Dads’ Flannel Quilt



Oh it is so warm!

One day I walked into my sewing room and there was a pile of flannel boxer shorts piled on the floor. Sara had been cleaning out her drawers a decided all her “jammies”( as she had used these for PJs) had to go. I looked at the variety of plaids and prints and thought “QUILT”. I told her I would make her a quilt out of her favorite boxers. She was ecstatic! Ahh, but then I got to thinking of Christmas and how much I would like for my Mom to have a nice warm quilt for cuddling on the couch. So here we go again, Mom and Dad get the quilt first then I will make one for Sara.

For Moms’ quilt I didn’t use any of Saras boxers, I will save those for her.

I used 80/20 batting and flannel backing.