Handkerchief Quilt

In the summer of 1995 my Great Aunt Ruth decided she needed to go to an assisted living facility at the wonderful age of 96. My Aunt Sis (her niece), after sorting through things, asked anyone who might want anything to come over to the house and take what we wanted. At first I thought I might want Aunt Ruth’s sewing machine but upon further inspection I deciededit was not what I wanted. I started to go through the sewing items and got some scissors, a darning egg, some needles and some thread, but that was about it. Then I turned to the dinning room table where an assortment of items was piled. There I found a box full of Aunt Ruth’s handkerchiefs. Nobody wanted them so I put them with my other things.
  I knew I wanted to make a little quilt as a memory of Aunt Ruth, because I always remember her with a handkerchief either up her sleeve or tucked in her cleavage. I don’t know why I thought of the crazy quilt style but the vintage handkerchiefs seem to lend themselves to this type of quilt.
  Originally I made 5 of these, for my sisters, my Mom and myself. When Mom and Dad took the quilt to show To Aunt Ruth, she was so pleased with it I had to make one for her also.